Getting that “perfect bikini body”

With summer being right around the corner, many women are looking for desperate quick-fixes to get their desired “bikini body”. When I came across this post that one of my friends had shared on Facebook, The Diet That Can Make You Skinny Enough for Summer,  I immediately thought of this class and the keyword “body”. The title of the post is meant to draw the attention of women who aren’t happy with their figure, and have a desire to change their appearance body wise. The purpose of this post was to try and veer away from the “materialness” of a “nice body”, that we discussed in lecture. This post also made me think of “The Bluest Eye” because Pecola desired the pretty blue eyes just as many women desire what society depicts as “the perfect beach bod”.

What I really liked about this article was that it suggested a kind of detox not many people consider to get their ideal figure. It suggested that women detox from all the negative things in their lives-not carbs, sugar, dairy, etc. Instead the author suggests eliminating stressing over irrelevant opinions from others, competing with other girls, worrying about the number the scale shows, and yearning for things that won’t make you happy. I definitely think that all women could benefit from reading this no matter what they look like and whether they are the most or least confident people in the world, so you better believe I shared it with everyone I know. It provides perspective for both those who aren’t happy with their own figure, and those who are judgmental of others’.

4 thoughts on “Getting that “perfect bikini body””

  1. I also saw this article on my Facebook Newsfeed. I thought it was super interesting and even passed it on to a few of my friends. I think that this idea is super important, as often I hear my friends talk about calories, eating too much, and their bodies in comparison to others’. This article does a great job showing that your body doesn’t need to necessarily “perfect” by society’s standards, but that what is important is your confidence within yourself and being happy with yourself and getting rid of all of the things that drag you down. I think this is so important, because often we think about the bad stuff that we eat, but we never think about the bad things that surround us on a daily basis that have just as much affect on a sense of body image. Often we think of our bodies as being able to be controlled by what we eat, but I think this article does a really job discussing the idea that bodies and body image can be affected by outside forces.

  2. I agree that there is definitely a problem with the media’s presentation of a perfect body. It also makes me think of the “weightism” that is mentioned in the “Body” keywords essay and that, even in literature, someone with a larger figure is presented more negatively than someone with a slimmer one.

  3. This is definitely a very relevant article for this time of the year. I am constantly trying to strive to be skinnier, have a better butt, stronger arms, thinner thighs and it is hard to take a step back and look at what is truly important. While the religious aspect of this article did not resonate with me, I believe the overall message is good. Its important to look at the places where you are receiving these messages as well and possibly try to cut those out of your life. For example, unfollow Kendall Jenner. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think this article approaches the anxieties of getting into shape for the summer in a really positive and effective way. There was another viral campaign going around the internet a little while ago that laid out the rules of getting a “bikini body” as 1. Get a bikini and 2. Put it on your body. I think the body positivity movement is generating a lot of buzz as of late and I definitely think it’s a step in the right direction.

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