“Dress Like a Woman”

While scrolling through Facebook, certain articles will catch the reader’s eye. This article in particular caught my eye right away. It states that Mike Allen, an old Politico Reporter, claimed that President Trump wants the women he works with to “dress like a woman.” In today’s culture, this seems like a terrible thing to think, let alone say. However, this shows an example of how people thought in the past.

This phrase can be connected to Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie, which was set in the 1800s. Laura and her two sisters wear dresses all the time. If the girls were to wear something else, they would be considered “unladylike” and their mother would probably tell them to change. Both the women President Trump works with, and the girls in the Little House on the Prairie stories are under the close watch of their superiors to dress a certain way.

The term “girlhood” in the Keywords essay is also related to the phrase “dress like a woman.” In the essay by Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, “girlhood” is related to “apparel” by suggesting that the word “girl” was taken from the old word “gyrela.” If we believe this to be true, then to be a “girl” you must dress like one. This belief can be shown by the statement, “dress like a woman,” and by Laura and Mary always wearing dresses and never anything else, like pants.      https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/03/style/trump-women-dress-code-white-house.html?_r=0


3 thoughts on ““Dress Like a Woman””

  1. Luckily, I think that we are moving away from the stereotypical dress codes and into a more middle ground of dress. In this day and age, I see girls dressed like “tomboys” and people are not too awestruck by the sight. However, if a girl would have been dressed like a “tomboy” back in Laura’s time, that would have been highly frowned upon. I had thought that the world was moving more and more towards an era where dressing does not identify your gender. However, Trumps statement shows that some people still believe in the traditional ways that things used to be done such as how a women were to dress like a women. Luckily, I do not think just because Trump said this that we will move backwards in our progress of non gendered clothing.

  2. It is interesting how standards can “change” over time, but then occasionally turn back around. In my opinion, I think that people should be able to dress the way that they want, and the way that makes them comfortable. Although this might not be the way all “professional” businesses want people to dress, the 21st century seems like a time where people should be able to act and dress the way they want in their “girlhood”

  3. Sam, this post really made me think about a discussion my high school history class had on Hillary Clinton’s suit wardrobe. We discussed the fact that Hillary always “dresses like a man” not like a woman. My teacher informed us that he believed she was trying to show that women have just as much power and ability as men do. I find it sad to think that a woman feels the need to wear a suit because she wants feel and be seen equal to a man. I think this really relates to the the key terms of gender and girlhood.

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