American Girl introduces a Boy Doll for the first time ever

Read about this new character, Logan, here: in the NY Times.  Add your comments on the significance of this event, for extra credit.

4 thoughts on “American Girl introduces a Boy Doll for the first time ever”

  1. It is interesting to think about the creation of a boy “American” doll, when all in the past have been girls. It brings up a lot of questions like, What audience is this doll directed at? And if no specific audience who will purchase more of these boy dolls? Boys or Girls? I also wonder in with the creation of this boy doll because of the popularity if requests for one, will there now be more requests for other dolls that are not just Male or Female. With the increased changes in gender stereotyping and the gender binary system that is today being challenged, will American Girl then come out with dolls that are Transgender? Or one that brings up issues of LGBTQ youth? Will they incorporate a story of love between two of the dolls? Heterosexual? Or would they introduce a different relation rather than just between a boy and a girl? Many of these things are important in our history today so it makes me wonder what they could come up with in the future to educate children about these changes that are happening in the world today!

  2. In my opinion, it is odd that American Girl has waited this long to create a male doll. With the evolution of gender dynamics being so publicized recently, young children are bound to see/hear about these and naturally be curious. A young girl might ask herself why there isn’t a male American Girl doll and then wonder what that reflects in the real world, which can be negative for keeping an open mind. American Girl has such a great outlet for educating young children about so many different things that it is perfect for them to create a male doll. As young boys and girls grow and play, they will be able to shape their own opinions on gender and their own genders. I think it is important for American Girl to be progressive in their endeavors and I am excited to see what else they come up with relating to the male dolls!

  3. I think this is totally exciting and I’m really glad American Girl is doing this! When I was little I always wanted more boy dolls to play with with my girl dolls, and it’s really great to see an iconic company like American Girl embracing diversity and realizing that it’s not just little girls who want to play with dolls, but little boys too. There are plenty of stories of little boys using Barbie houses as base camps for their G.I. Joes or little girls having Barbie date a G.I. Joe instead of Ken, and it’s really great to see Mattel showing everyone that it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone can love any type of doll!

  4. While reading this, it immediately made me think of my little brother. He too, was very interested in dolls and I remember my mom would tell him, “No honey, you should play with this toy instead (While handing him a toy truck).” But why did he have to play with this truck? What is so bad about him playing with a doll? The new release of the American Boy Doll- Logan is great! It is nice, not only for girls to have a boy doll to play with, but also for somebody like my younger brother, who was always stuck playing with dolls that were only girls.

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