Educating multiculturalism to young children

As you know, I think the keyword, ‘multicultural’ stands for the United States well since many diverse immigrants made this country. For this reason, America is often called a melting pot. When we talk about the term, ’multicultural,’ many people tend to think of it in terms of race at first. According to the textbook, “Keywords for Children’s Literature,” written by Philip Nel and Lissa Paul, multiculturalism is also called ethnic discrimination and aligns with other words, such as nation, language, culture, ethnicity, and race. (p.155)

According to Jen Holladay, who is a Highline Academy Charter School Board President, she is talking about how important educating multiculturalism is to children by giving them different world’s stories at TED. By doing so, they are able to have diverse perspectives towards the world. She says that multiculturalism is advanced social justice in her own term.


In addition to that, early childhood education for multiculturalism in the United States has become very important for children to raise them without any prejudices or stereotypes related to other nations and other races. For example, as one of the companies for early childhood programs, American girl doll’s company has played an important role so that the company can let them aware of multiculturalism and give them a broader understanding of the world by releasing dolls of all different races with diverse characters. Few days ago, the company announced that this year, they will release new dolls, Z. Yang, the new Korean-American character as an imaginative filmmaker and Nanea Mitchell, a Native Hawaiian girl growing up during World War II. In this way, young children can have an opportunity to create their own perspectives and have an open mind toward the different world.


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  1. I think it is great to come have American Girls with different backgrounds and ethnicities. This teaches young girls to be accepting of other cultures. These girls will then grow up to be more accepting of people in general. It is important to be accepting of other cultures and backgrounds. It can even be very beneficial, for example in the work place. People with different backgrounds have different ideas about things. It is great to work in a space with people of many different backgrounds because more ideas can be bounced around and overall the results are much better.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I totally agree with you. We live in the global world. Especially, this country, the United States has diverse cultures of immigrants. Thus, as you said, it is really important that we understand various races and thoughts from the people who have different cultures or have raised from different countries.

  2. Great post! Expanding the cultural backgrounds of the American Girls is a great way to educate children about multiculturalism and to expand their ideas about culture, race, etc. I think that producing dolls of different cultural and racial backgrounds is a great way to start educating people at a young age about the variety of ways of life in our world.

  3. I agree, open mindedness is such a key role in making these changes successful. It is so important that companies like American Girl incorporate different cultures and races to show that there is no “norm” or superior race. Every doll is just as beautiful as the next. However, perception is something that needs to be battled beyond the production line. This comes with the education part of your post. There is so much that I don’t know about other cultures. Thankfully, I was raised to become accepting of others and rather than judgmental, always eager to learn about others and the ways in which they differ from me. I think we have a long way to go with educating people starting from a young age.

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