Influential Girlhood

Girlhood in America is defined by vast definitions. As talked about in class, girlhood can be defined by gender, biological sex, nationality, race, culture, etc. One thing I think is an important factor in defining girlhood is the roles that women play in society compared to the roles that men play. After browsing the web for interesting media coverage for this post, something caught my attention, a video on CNN called “Groundbreaking Women in Comedy”. This video discusses the various impactful women in comedy. For example, it states that Joan Rivers was the first woman to host her own late-night talk show. Additionally, it states that Ellen Degeneres was the first sitcom lead to come out as gay. I thought this video was an important demonstration of what girlhood means because it draws attention to impactful moments and roles that women in comedy have had. I feel it is extremely challenging to have a life in media, especially for women, due to the pressures of outer beauty and what it means to society to be a woman. I think the roles that women have not only in the comedy media sector but all forms of media are extremely impactful on the media that is produced for our entertainment. I also think that these women that have such a large influence on media demonstrates the power of girlhood for younger girls who look up to these celebrities. To me, girlhood means having a profound positive influence in society and your role that you play in society as a woman. This video is a great demonstration of my definition of girlhood.

3 thoughts on “Influential Girlhood”

  1. It is really interesting to look at the impact women have had in media! I think girlhood can be influenced by the media that goes on in the world. Having positive influences is really good for girls so that they can strive to be just like these people! In contrast, I also think that media can sometimes effect girlhood in a more negative way because sometime it is showing how someone should look, act, be, and that can be hard for a person to feel they need to be like in order to “fit in.” Overall great job, I found this really interesting!

  2. I think this is a very interesting take on the relationship between girlhood and media. I feel that often times the negative effects of media on girlhood are what is portrayed. For example, we often view size 00 models in magazines and commercials and then feel that that is what we as girls should look like. However, this video focuses on the positive effects that media has on girlhood which I think is often over looked. I think this video is very interesting and inspiring for girls and their roles in society.

  3. I really applaud the women who are trying to have a positive impact in the media. However, I think that we still have a long way to go. Although these women are trying to have a positive impact, there are still many ways that high expectations of a perfect body are still being portrayed to the audience. Media needs to go away from trying to push theses high expectations of a perfect body. But any step forward is a good step. I love that in a lot of different aspects of our culture, we are starting to acknowledge women who have created the path to success for other women.

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