Scripting Diverse Play through Cécile and Marie Grace

Professor Fielder’s talk on slavery, race, and friendship in children’s literature, and more specifically the Cécile and Marie Grace stories was a great expansion on the topics and keywords that we have been discussing in class. I thought that one of Professor Fielder’s most interesting points was the link between the literature of Cécile and Marie Grace, and their actual material culture.  In the American Girl catalogs, African American girls were always shown playing and interacting with Cécile, and white children were seen interacting with Marie Grace.  It is obvious American Girl assumes that children want to play with dolls that look exactly like them, and that does not seem like the best assumption to make.  Cécile and Marie Grace’s portrayal as best friends provides a unique opportunity for American Girl to demonstrate diversity in the way children play with dolls. 

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