Annie 1982 & 2014

As a child I saw the 1982 version of Annie many times, so seeing both versions as a young adult gave me a new perspective on the movie(s) and story as a whole. There were many serious topics in the older version that went right over my head as a kid such as alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, and obviously many different forms of child abuse. It struck me as interesting since we have discussed the issue of just how much should serious topics be included in materials for children. This idea was apparent in the newer version of the movie because many of those heavy topics were toned down since would cause controversy in today’s world. While I thoroughly enjoyed the new version and the more lighthearted tone it took, the considerable changes made between the two movies are so distinct that the idea of hiding or downplaying serious issues made me question whether or not either movie was a good representation of those topics. Coming back to my first statement is also the thought that when serious issues are portrayed in a movie or in literature can children even fully process them enough to have it make a difference one way or another?

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