Annie 1982

When I was young I thought that it was the coolest thing ever that there was a musical that was “named after me.” Every time I had the chance, I would either rent the movie or drag my family to a local theater when the show was in town. I knew every word to every song, and could even quote some of the famous lines. However, before Monday, it had probably been 10 years since I had seen the movie. While watching the movie through a more worldly, mature lens, I definitely picked up on things I had missed as a kid. For example, I had been completely oblivious to Ms. Hannigan’s sexual tendencies and alcoholism. I also wasn’t aware of the racist representation of Daddy Warbuck’s bodyguard, Punjab, who was cast into a secondary role and whose name isn’t a typical Indian name, but actually the state in India he is supposed to be from. All in all though, I was happy to have the opportunity to re-watch a childhood favorite of mine.

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