ANNIE (1982 & 2014)

Growing up, Annie (1982 & 1999) were the only two movies that I really cared to watch over and over again. While watching the 1982 and 2014 version on Monday, I noticed that there were many themes that I often missed as a little girl. Even though Annie was an orphan (1982) or a foster child (2014), she still found ways to be happy and always looked forward to “Tomorrow”. Despite mean and drunk Miss Hannigan, Annie always worked hard and encouraged the others. Although there were many similarities among the two movies, there was one noticeable difference. In the 1982 version, the movie took place during the Great Depression (around the 1930s). Many families in this movie were suffering from money and food shortages. The 2014 Annie was centered around more modern day conflicts, especially during election times. Both movies inspired little girls like me to always stay positive and to be hopeful for things in this world.

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