Annie 1982

In this film Annie is seen as tough and aggressive and willing to go against the rules. She does this by sneaking out of the orphanage with the dirty clothes. When looking at gender stereotypes, it seems as if Annie breaks them in this film. This is seen specifically when she chases after the boys who are chasing after the dog. When confronting the boys she stands up to them and even beats them up. Considering the time period of this movie, I think it was important to have this scene in the movie because it shows that women have power and strength to do whatever boys do.

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  1. I think that this movie ties in well with the gender essay and also the tomboy essay. Both of these essays touch on the idea of needing to fit a certain role as a girl. However, as you mentioned, Annie goes against the typical gender norms. I think Annie would fall under the category of a Tomboy, because she is adventurous, assertive, and bold. these characteristics are those of a tomboy. I think you bring up an interesting point about the importance of this scene. I agree. It is important to show young girls that they can be powerful and make a difference for themselves and others.

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