Annie 2014

Annie being an African American girl in the 2014 film plays a big part in the difference between the two films. One thing though that I found interesting in this movie is the stereotypes that were both seen, as well as broken in this movie. For one, Annie cooks for Will which is promoting the stereotype of African American women working in the kitchen. However it also breaks the stereotype that African Americans can’t be successful, as in this movie Will Stacks is billionaire who is very successful. This is something that typically would not have been seen in movies until more recently, and this version of the movie did a good job portraying that African American’s aren’t always the “bad” guys.

1 thought on “Annie 2014”

  1. This version of the film brings in another realm of layers to identity. In this version of the film, Annie does not just break the stereotypical way of acting as a girl, but it also breaks stereotypes of being an unsuccessful and not powerful African American. I think it is neat how this film addressed issues of not only socioeconomic status but also race. i think that this speaks to the complexity of identity, and how all aspects of your identity play into who you are as an individual.

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