Kit defies Feminist Steryotypes

Tomboys challenge heteronormativity and look to make their own path. Tomboys are described as “a girl who behaves like a spirited or boisterous boy; a wild romping girl” (220). The kit Kittredge: Read All About It and the Kit display at the American Girl Doll store in Chicago both portray the keyword tomboy. In the book, Kit a girl living in the Great Depression takes time to talk about and admire the character Robin Hood who is a heroin and takes from the rich to give to the poor. She loves how he goes against normal values and does what is good. Kit throughout the book shows qualities of a tomboy. She loves the Cincinnati Reds baseball team and wants to play catch more than she wants to play dolls. She also loves to be on her typewriter and write stories for her father. Girls her age should be caring about princesses like her friend Ruthie is and dreaming for better circumstances. Kit challenges this by being realistic and knowing that dreaming for something to change will do no good, you need to go out and work for change. She does this by working for her uncle and makes money to help her family. She shows great strength even when it looks like her family will lose everything. She demonstrates the actions of a tomboy not following the normal girlhood rolls. She cares about a lot of adventurous and outspoken activities and rejects a lot of the feminine stereotypes.  In the display case at the American Girl Doll store in Chicago there is a whole display case dedicated to representing the different aspects of Kits life. They show a mirror that is at a kid’s level. It allows kids to walk up and look into the mirror and she their face, imagining themselves as Kit. Next to the mirror hanging is her green dress, that is not flashy or fancy but is what a poor girl wearing hammy downs would wear in 1934. Then there is also her typewriter present in the case. It is a big part of who Kit is and her character. She writes what interests her and wants the world with which she lives into be informed of what is going on. Shew also has a Cincinnati Reds Banner inside the case to show her love for baseball. Kit is still a girl who follows the basic feminist ways that are expected of her girlhood but she also defies these stereotypes. She loves adventure and shows great strength in times of great trials.

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  1. Great Job! I really like how you tied in the keyword “tomboy” to Kit. I think it is really neat that American Girl made a character that does not do the necessarily “girl” things which you said like writing, and baseball. I believe that giving kids this character gives them the ability do be whoever they want to be in life, just like Kit.

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