Annie 1982 and 2014

I absolutely love the Annie movies. The music and story line never fails to amuse me. I love all the little lessons children can learn, especially from the music like “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” “I Don’t Need Anything but You”. I think both films do a good job of teaching a bunch of little lessons, however I think they could teach more. Both Daddy Warbucks and Mr. Stack both start the movie out by volunteering for their own personal good. The idea that people should volunteer to help others solely because it’s a good deed is never really gotten across later. Yes both of them learn that they need Annie and that they did ultimately help a little girl, but I don’t really feel that either learn to do good just to do good.

I also really like how the new version of the movie is updated to bring up modern day problems. I love how Annie is a foster child in the foster care system instead of an orphan. The foster care system today has a lot of problems and most people really don’t know about it.

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