Lady Gaga Stands Up to Sexual Assault

In 2015, Lady Gaga released a Public Service Announcement in the form of a music video titled, “Til It Happens To You.” It includes many graphic images of sexual assaults occurring to women. At the end, it leaves the viewer with the startling statistic that 1 in 5 college women will be sexually assaulted this year and concludes with the National Sexual Assault Hotline phone number. For a person of such status to so publicly express disapproval of sexual assault is a very powerful thing. Her platform allows her to make statements that will resonate with people of all ages and will encourage others to speak up about rape culture.

In “The Bluest Eye”, Pecola is blamed for her rape and the resulting pregnancy. Although this is fiction, this is something real that happens to people every single day. Victim blaming is something that gives the idea that sexual advances by men are just apart of the culture and the woman should be responsible for not getting raped. Lady Gaga speaks out about this and uses her PSA to spread knowledge of the fact that it is never the victim’s fault. I think it is extremely powerful to young people when public figures stand up for controversial occurrences.

This also relates back to the keyword “body”, when Ruth Saxton says, “. . .Physicality – the Girl’s experience of her body, engagement in or denial of sex, her cultural ‘value’ as young female body – remains crucial (19).” This shows the importance of educating young women of their value separate of what happens to them without their consent. Lady Gaga’s music video does this and empowers women of all ages to know their worth and know that not everything that happens to you is a direct result of your own actions or anything you could have controlled. I think it is imperative that more public figures, who so many young girls look up to, speak out about things that matter to so many people, such as rape culture.

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