The Issues with Gender Norms

The tv show I Am Jazz and the short story “Virgins” demonstrate the issues with normalized gender roles. I Am Jazz is an American television show that has aired in the last few years. It portrays a transgender female who was born male but has been a female since kindergarten. She has faced constant controversy since she did become a female because of what society deems appropriate. Society has some preconceived notions and when these ideas are threatened it takes longer for society to change their views. It is usually assumed that what you are born as either female or male will be what you want to associate with. That is not the case for Jazz. At a young age, she already did not feel like she was girl. When she started, kindergarten is when she made the full change and her family is very accepting. Her parents just want her to be happy.

The keyword gender highlights the differences that are associated with female and how society puts expectations on each gender to act a certain way. Such as it being expected of men to not have as many feelings and considered to be the stronger of the two genders. Females are considered to be emotional and to be very caring. When people go against their gender norms, society has a hard time accepting these differences. We can see this with Jazz and because she was born a boy she is expected to act and look like a boy. Sometimes it is just not that easy.

We can see this in the short story “virgins” with the main character. Throughout the story, they talk about her body and how she has a curvy figure that most people long for. Her body is not something she flaunts, she likes to respect her body better. They talk about her body her as more of an object and less of person with feelings losing their virginity. In the story they normalize sex as something people do just for the heck of it. Because she is a female it is expected of her to just give her virginity to anyone. That it should not be that big of a deal.

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