Designer Education

Elisabeth Gruner explains “education” as a way to train children for the work they will be doing later in life.  She makes a point of stating that that education can be limited as it is most likely more specific and less all encompassing.  Elisabeth also states that education is less limited to those of greater means. Elisabeth goes on to say that education differs from system to system with different communities prioritizing the values more important to them.  Education is a tool that is used to help new members fit into a group just as much as it can be used to teach general concepts.  In The Choctaw Girl we see a case of the author prioritizing religious values in a way to promote religious actions in children.  Communities who use The Choctaw Girl are using the book to educate their children to be religious like the girl in the book.  As we discussed in class education can be religious in nature or influenced by religion with religion groups being some of the earlier educators of children.

In the film Back to the Future when Marty is in the past we see him have trouble understanding and communicating with others.  The clip shows an example of this when he asks for a Pepsi Free which the store owner does not understand because Pepsi Free was not invented yet.  Marty’s education was not made for a different place or time and his education is specific to where he got it which was in 1985 so his knowledge of electric guitar means something different to the people of the past.  As Marty spends more time in the past he begins to learn how to live with a new culture.

Education is very designer friendly which is why it changes from culture to culture.  The education people receive in a community that uses The Choctaw Girl as an educational tool will be different than the education one needs to live in society today or in the 1950’s.  Education is the passage of knowledge and knowledge varies. But education always has the same goal of passing down ideas or information to the generation that follows.

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  1. Hi Edward!
    I appreciated this interpretation and connection between the class readings and a movie I enjoy. I think this does a great job of illustrating how education goes beyond merely the formal forms of education such as school or parenting.

    I did have a question about how far you think this description of “education” goes. This question, I suppose, is more directed towards the Keywords essay, and not your post specifically, but yours was the first I saw. I saw this joke a few days ago that said something along the lines of, “if high school was all about preparing me for college, how come I had to write all of my high school essays in MLA format but my college essays are all in APA format?” Now, beyong being a humorous metaphor about the disallusionment of how effective high school is at preparing students for college, it seems relevant to consider if subjects with no future value can still be considered education.

    In the situation of the MLA formatting, I agree! I have spent hours trying to learn MLA format, and it will likely not play a role in my future. Does this count as education? Must a concept have a preparative value in order to fall under this umbrella?

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