Break free from your aprons, girls!

In the text, “Little House on the Prairie”, written by Laura Ingalls-Wilder the keyword “girlhood” is portrayed as domestic and traditional, while the movie, “On the Basis of Sex”, redefines female autonomy.

Laura Ingalls-Wilder writes about her family dynamic, especially regarding gender roles and values. Laura, along with her sisters, were taught to cook, clean, and rear children. Traditionally, women tended to domestic chores, while their husbands went to earn a paycheck out in the workforce. As a girl, Laura was raised to emulate her mother’s teachings.

Currently, “girlhood” is no longer confined to domestic, traditional roles. Girls and women are encouraged to think and act self-sufficiently. In the movie, “On the Basis of Sex”, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg paved the way for girls to think beyond their former limited career aspirations and general responsibilities. Laura and her sisters were taught that girlhood consisted of perpetuating domestic practices. Break free from your aprons, girls! Presently, girls can become doctors, lawyers, heads of state, business owners, and leaders of industry. Girlhood is no longer confined to domesticated roles.

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