Disney Girlhood


The fantastic Disney princess cartoons and characters draw dreams for girls to imagine their romantic and magic stories. All the Disney stories have happy endings which make children believe that love is powerful and eternal. I believe that almost every girl has dream that become a princess, live royal life and find her “Prince Charming” in the future. In the Disney stories, all the princess or female characters need to overcome challenges and combat the obstacles from villains to reach the final happy ending. The princess in Disneyland include different races and personalities. And not all Disney stories are talk about affection, some of them discuss the love between family or friends. One famous example is Mulan who is a Chinese girl that replace her brother to join the army and get success in military during the wars. The Disney stroies that accompany girlhood provide girl courage to pursue what they want, teach them they need to address problems before take success and encourage them to be brave, wise and independent girl.

When a people defined as “girl”, they are categories in certain ages and typical favoritate colors and dresses. According to Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, the keyword essay “Girlhood”, the terminology of girl is connected with chronological age, sex or culture. There have some stereotypes limitations for girl that which they should do and what kinds of things they are not allow to do, such as they have picked little dresses or they should play with barbie dolls instead of racing cars. A girl should not defined by common opinion, their actions and perspectives should not restricted by their sex. Girlhood is and just a certain period that girl experience and influence their future growth.

When people describe girl, they would connect them with beautiful flower, wonderful hope and lovely things. But there are also some girls desire for irritative and passionate life. The Disney movies and stories that girl read or watch about in their girlhood may have huge effect in their thoughts and future life. Girls have freedom to find what they actually like and who they want to be in their blessed girlhood.

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  1. I found your choice of words in “The Disney stories that accompany girlhood provide girl courage to pursue what they want, teach them they need to address problems before take success and encourage them to be brave, wise and independent girl.” to be interesting. The word “accompany” suggests that Disney stories aren’t just read or consumed during a girls childhood, but are literally something that directly correlates with girlhood. I think we can all agree that Disney princesses were integral to most of our childhoods and are a shared experience between most young adults, moreso than the American Girl franchise is. This suggests that there are some aspects of girlhood which are common threads throughout a significant portion of society. Disney princesses seem to be one of these threads that tie together aspects of modern day girlhood.

  2. I agree completely with this post. I love the comparison of girlhood and American Girls tied to Disney princesses as it is something I am very familiar with. I think another thing that is important to recognize is that both Disney and American Girl have continued to progress and grow to the American society’s idea of how girlhood is defined. Both American Girls and Disney princesses were put in a role specifying certain traditional duties a girl was expected to have, but now they show girls in a much stronger and positive role. Overall, I love this post and comparison.

  3. Interesting connection between Disney movies and what being a girl means! I think you said it well that the movies perpetuate this idea that girls must play with dolls and wait for Prince Charming to save them. It seems to show a very narrow depiction of what being a girl means and it may give girls a sense of false hope. I agree that young girls watching these Disney movies are easily influenced and this can change their thoughts about their future. Girls should have the freedom to think differently. Disney movies depict the same storyline over and over and don’t show the freedom that girls should have to think about. Luckily Mulan was produced and changed the narrative slightly to show courage and an independent spirit for a girl. This helped change some of the stereotypes of girlhood for the better.

  4. Hi Daisy!

    I really like your essay about girlhood and using Disney princess as references. Disney demonstrated the representation of these main female characters has somehow being simplified to just feminine and often related to performing domestic tasks. Fortunately, they have produced more princess movie showing that these princesses have many aspects such as courage, brave and independent from the prince. The girls are the heroes of the movies rather than male characters. I believe this would have a good influence on children who will learn good personal traits that girls can be brave, strong, wise and independent.

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