Violent Crimes by Kayne West, and Innocence

In Kanye West’s song “Violent Crimes” he addresses his two young daughters and his fear as a father as they enter into a life in the public eye. West address how he feels that often girls are forced to lose their innocence too young, and how the sexualization of women by men is damaging to girls. He writes, “Don’t do no yoga, don’t do Pilates. Just play piano and stick to karate. I pray your body’s draped more like mine. And not like your mommy’s,” Here West speaks to the sexualization of girls, specifically black girls. The girls “mommy” being Kim Kardashian, who has made a career of having her body sexulized and using it to her advantage. Although Kardashian has succeeded with this is has also caused backlash from society, and she has been label things such as “slut” for having a body that is deemed too sexy for a mother to have. In the essay Innocence by Marah Gubar she writes, “Why are tiny girls tarted up to perform in beauty contests and invited to don minuscule bikinis and midriff-baring tops in everyday life, while advertiser, filmmakers, and fashion designers bank on the appeal of nymphet as the icon of American beauty?” Both west and Gubar speak to society’s obsession with youth, and young girls pressure to be older than they are. This creates what many people believe to be a society where many girls feel the need to grow up too quickly, acting older than their age.

Ideas of innocence are addressed in Toni Morrison’s book “The Bluest Eye.” Fredia is deemed “ruined” after being molested by an older man. The term “ruined” is directly connected to her loss of sexual purity, and there for her innocence. By putting calling her ruined Frida’s parents are suggesting that her worth is somehow tied to her innocence, and even if the in innocence is taken without her consent she has lost something that makes her worthy. This Goes back to West’s concern with older men sexualizing young girls, which is exactly what happened in Frieda’s molestation.

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  1. I can understand the worries of Kanye West and the Innocence issue of girls. There are so many things and crimes targeted to girls, even to young and teenager girls. Young girls supposed to live under carefree environment and enjoy happy growth. But nowadays, they bear many social pressure and shocks from their own body and characteristics to potential crimes and assaults. Also with the development of technology, people could receive latest news and information which intense girls and women’ worries and influence their behaviors. The exposure of dark side of society force female prepare for their growth and protect themselves.

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