Gender and Billie Eilish

In the text, “His Heart’s Desire”, written by Alice Dunbar-Nelson the keyword “gender” is narrowly defined, whereas music icon Billie Eilish takes a more broad approach towards feminine fashion.

In the Dunbar-Nelson’s story, Andy does not play into typical male gender performance. Throughout the text, Andy understands he is plagued with potential ridicule if he brings the love of dolls from inside the house to outside the house. Andy’s ongoing fascination with these inanimate objects leads him to feel he needs to disclaim any interactions or purchases of dolls because of the confinements society places on males gender roles. Therefore, Andy promises his younger sister that he will buy a brand new doll for her when he becomes a man, even though it is for his own pleasure. The stigma of a man playing with a doll is far worse than a boy playing with a doll.

Presently, gender roles and gender itself is becoming less rigid. Case in point, Billie Eilish redefines feminine fashion by breaking away from form fitting and sexualizing outfits in the entertainment industry. Oftentimes, female artists are branded through their aesthetic appeal, however Eilish wants to be renowned for her songwriting abilities and vocal capacity.  She highlights that clothes are merely an accessory, they do not make the woman. Billie Eilish proves that women can use their voices, not their physical attributes; breaking free from their typical demure gender roles. Women do not have to be seen to be heard.

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  1. I recently saw a tweet explaining that Billie Eilish dresses this way because she does not want to be sexualized. I never thought about this aspect of her clothing before I saw the tweet. In a sense this reminds me of the singer Sia who wore long wigs covering her face so that individuals were more likely to focus on her music than her looks. I still think it is interesting how much individuals make fun of Billie because of the way in which she dresses. However, considering that her music has been getting more and more popular her style of dress does not seem to be impacting her success which is a win for her.

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