Domestic Role for Female

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a famous American television series which won several Golden Global Awards and Emmy Awards. This series describes a wealthy housewife Midge Maisel who found her talent in stand-up comedy after her husband infidelity in the 1950s.

In Mrs. Maisel’s life, she played the roles of good wife, mother and woman very well. She does chores in perfect order, do body management for years and take care of her two children. One most impressive plot for me was that Mrs. Maisel remove her makeup after her husband sleep and make up before he wake up to keep perfect figure in her husband. She takes notes during her husband’s performance and provide he advices and ideas. To Mrs. Maisel, marriage and family are everything. All the things that Mrs. Maisel did were for her husband and her family. She was a typical American housewife in the beginning. This was stereotype in that century that female represents and responsible for the domestic work. According to the keyword essay of domestic, the word of domestic represents closeness, and in household, domestic often used to describe women or servant.

In the 1950s, the phenomenon of sexual discrimination is serious and popular. Although Mrs. Maisel’s husband betrayed her first, people still critique Mrs. Maisel. Her family, friends and strangers think that divorced women are terrible and lower than others. Even after Mrs. Maisel found work and became a comedians, she realized that female has lower status in comedy. The famous female comedians choose to play ugly, fat and poor characters which would not threaten male during performance because women are unwelcome in talk show. In the Erica Hateley’s keyword essay of gender, the identification of feminine equal to weak, lower and vulnerable personalities of women.

The most special and bright spot of the character is that Mrs. Maisel is different than other women who is confident, powerful and has the courage to express herself from female perspective. She is able to take care of herself and her family after divorce and has the mind to find job to support her own life. She is not a domestic woman who only know how to do houseworks and serve for family. She plays an independent female role in that period. During her talk show, Mrs. Maisel complains the unfair situation for female like “Why should women born to be mother and wife?” and “Why women should play dumb for men?”. Mrs. Maisel is not a classical dwesmtic women, she can do chores, but she can do more than chores. She works hard to improve her talk show’s quality and expresses the inequality between gender in society.

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  1. I also did my post on a television show that takes place in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s and see a lot similarities between the two! I really liked your point on the female comedians and how they were to take the less attractive roles. It feels like women in characters in media set in these times do this often, or take the unwanted jobs. The second to last sentence about how Mrs. Maisel can still do chores but can also do what she wants is great and I feel a great theme to end this semester with!

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