Beyoncé is Popular

The keyword essay on the word popular by Julia A. S. Cassidy described different definitions of the word that is pretty commonly used in today’s vocabulary. The word popular was first used as a term with a very different meaning than it has today. Per the essay, “in the early sixteenth century the term ‘popular’ defined the ‘common people’ or people of ‘lowly birth’ as opposed to people of the aristocracy” (174). Later in the sixteenth century, the word was used with the similarity to more negative words like vulgar and plebeian. Today, the word is used in a completely different context; describing something that is widely liked.

If I had to choose a person who perfectly fits the description of the word “popular,” Beyoncé would be the first person to come into mind. She is one of the most popular musicians around, and with a net worth of over $355 million, it is easy to see how she is the world’s most highest paid recording artist. She isn’t just popular in the US either, as she was the first woman to simultaneously top both the US charts as well as charts in the UK. As described in the keyword essay, someone who is heavily favored and approved in society can be considered “popular.” Relating to Beyoncé, many girls widely favor her music and her personality as iconic. Considering this, it is no wonder why she has recently signed a collaborative deal with the fashion giant Adidas, which can also be considered popular in its own space. The CEO of the company has already come out and stated the intent behind the deal, stating that Beyoncé is sure to help reach the female audience, and in turn, sell more products.

Adidas and Beyoncé not only separate, but also together can be seen as massive examples of what is today considered, “popular”. The collaboration between a huge name brand company of products with a celebrity icon enhance and describe the effect of popularity and favored aspects in today’s society.

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