“How to Get Away With The Expectation of Domesticity”

In Keywords, “Domestic”, girls were expected to grow up to become loving wives and mothers during household duties, but “How to Get Away With Murder”, women are portrayed as being just as capable of doing any career that a man can do. In “How to Get Away With Murder”, Annalise Keating works as both a high-paying criminal defense attorney and a respected law professor. Not only does she have an established career, but also a loving husband to come home to. This husband does not expect her to follow her “biological destiny” by giving him children or cook him dinner every night. In the Keywords, “Domestic” it states that the word shares a connotation meaning that girls, especially middle class, were doing home duties, such as cooking and cleaning. While Mrs. Keating started out in the middle class, she defied this gender stereotype of becoming a domestic woman for her husband. While the Keywords essay argues that children’s fiction, even today, portrays domesticity as the end path for even the most unsuspecting women, I think that this show gives people a different perspective of how a women can truly be whatever she puts her mind to. She does not have to have kids or clean for her husband to be happy, but can live as content with a job she loves.

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