Gender in Cartoon

Over the years since television is invented, cartoon has been a rather critical topic for children as most of them tend to absorb whatever information presented in the cartoon. In comparison to classical cartoon like Disney Classics (Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.), modern animation’s representation of gender is somehow problematic in some of cartoon series. A few weeks ago, I watch an animated music video which brought me a lot of thoughts over the gender issues in anime industry. Although anime is originated in Japan and “meant to” be created for at least middle school kid, it is fact that globalization urges American TV companies to cooperate with Japanese industries (for example, Devilman Crybaby) and that there’s an undeniable trend of very young kid involving in this mixed culture. Back to the video (named ME!ME!ME!), it is a mixed style music video divided into 3 parts including electronic, music, and house. It seriously discusses the gender issues using explicit symbolization like girls in chains without outer skin, indulging expressions, and sexual implication. The anime production industries adopt images of ideal, submissive, easy girls as commercials to attract young male customers who could be well under 12. While keyword essay talks about the course of gender discrimination in literature, I was so surprised to find that the problem is still in the air. On the other hand, the unfair state casted on a typical of people by another reminds me also about the race keyword essay that people under this kind of situation mostly have no stands to fight back but to accept and fit into the environment. To this point, I have to thank the “politically right” stuff in US. Sometimes it might be blind, but it could save our humanity from fake “freedom”.

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