Childhood: The good and the bad

In the American Girl story “Kirsten,” her “childhood” is illustrated as she immigrates to America with her family on a treacherous sea journey. Kirsten’s childhood, unlike the childhood of someone like Cher in the movie “clueless” is difficult and unstable. She moves to America given very little notice, her form of transportation, a tiny unsanitary boat. Along the way to her final destination, she encounters unfamiliar landscapes, faces, and suffers from the loss of her best friends’ death. Once she reaches her final destination, Minnesota, she discovers that she is staying with her cousin’s family on a farm. Kirsten comes from a family that is not wealthy but works very hard to make sure that they are fed and given the best life possible. While Kirsten’s childhood was not necessarily the most positive and joyful time of her life, Cher’s childhood was quite the opposite. Cher was born into a rich family who supplied her with endless amounts of materialistic things. She lived in a big house in Beverly Hills and was the type of girl who literally got everything she wanted. She went to school her entire life, unlike Kirsten, and was at the very top of the social pyramid. The girls that attended the same school as Cher strived to dress, look, and act like her. She lived a very public life, thinking that she was superior to all of her peers. Kirsten, on the other hand, lived a very simplistic life, having one or two “friends,” and very few belongings. These different childhood experiences are due to the fact that some people are naturally privileged, such as Cher who was given everything and never had to work for it, and some people are faced with obstacles, like Kirsten. It is the people that have overcome the obstacles they have faced, whether big or small, that will be successful in life and able to give their children the best childhood possible. 

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  1. This is an interesting, but great connection of childhood between Meet Kirsten and Cher. I love the movie Clueless and would have to agree that she had a very different childhood than Kirsten. Now when I watch Clueless, I will have to think about the different kinds of audiences that could be watching it and how they feel about it.

  2. The Clueless reference is a great example of a childhood that is very different. The story of Cher’s childhood was extravagant compared to Kirsten. The different experiences in childhood that Cher had such as education, money, and little work probably have a large impact on Cher’s adult life. The different childhoods of Cher and Kirsten impact both their characters and adult lives. Personally, that is why I think childhood is so important for children because it plays such a large role later in life.

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