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The keyword essay for the term “education” explores the historical methods of education which vary greatly from how we perceive education today. Gruner emphasizes that education in the past was based primarily on vocational and religious studies, as well as the gaining of an understanding of morals through personal interactions and experiences. When liberal education was brought into the picture, the primary focus was on educating through literature. However, the main goal of education, as stated in the text, focuses on “the formation of individuals to benefit society.” This has been, and is still currently the case in our society today. The history of education has evolved from then to now, however, as we can see through the story “Kirsten Learns a Lesson.” Kirsten attended a school that was for students of all ages and there was only one teacher for everybody. The way they were educated was based on different levels of books, however because of these different levels much of the knowledge was self-inflicted. Oftentimes boys would end their education early to begin work with their fathers’ to help support their family. This form of teaching is very different than what we are familiar with because in our current society, students are expected to complete a primary education from around the age of four to eighteen years old. Furthermore, many are expected to continue this education at colleges and universities. This can be seen through commercials on television, such as ads for schools in the Big 10. These universities are trying to lure in students to attend their schools. Aside from ads like this, there are also a lot of commercials circulating that are advertising universities and colleges that offer an online education. It is clear that society’s view of education in popular culture today is immensely different than how it was in the past. While the ways of teaching and the core values of education have evolved overtime, the goal of education has always been the same: to help prepare children for a future in which they contribute to society.

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  1. The transitions we’ve seen in education are changing all the time and I think you’ve done a good job highlighting these aspects. Another thing I’ve noticed I the influence of technology on education, many people are switching over to taking online notes and using websites to fulfill their learning. Interestingly, if one chooses not to use technology they fall behind their peers in social aspects, similar to a girl falling behind in learning domestic and religious topics.

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